Martin Pickering Performs an Awesome Acrobatic Show with Huge R/C Aircraft

Well, it's been a long time since the last time we shared an R/C video! Here's a new one that you're all gonna enjoy!

What we're checking out in today's video is a breathtakingly cool acrobatic show performed with a gigantic R/C aircraft. Although it may seem easy to operate an R/C vehicle, it's actually quite hard to control it without dropping or crushing it, especially when it is large and heavy like the one in the video! The pilot Martin Pickering, however, is apparently a skillful guy. He manages to control this huge R/C and performs and acrobatic show with it. The R/C is powered with a compelling GP 123cc engine and flies flawlessly up in the sky. One can watch this video over and over again and be amazed each time. This is one of the best R/C aircrafts and one of the most talented R/C pilots we've seen nowadays.

Check out the video till the end and enjoy this awesome show!