That's What We Call Technology: Amazingly Built R/C Truck with a Real Air Suspension

R/Cs are great vehicles and we never will get tired of sharing videos about them! Here's another R/C video that will make you all say Wow!

As most of you will agree, technology is what really matters in the automotive industry whether it's original sized or small scaled. With technology, human beings managed to invent machines and use them instead of animal power in transportation. With technology, we developed the first machines and turned them into today's comfortable, functional and charming vehicles. ın today's video, we're checking out something else that is done thanks to technology. It's an amazingly built R/C truck with a real air suspension and it world literally perfectly! As reported, the truck is built by the Germany's most prominent R/C company: Stehr Jürgen Modellbau. Apparently, Germans are good at model trucks too! Watch the video to see every single detail of this outstanding build and how it drives through a very steep ramp.

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