The Snowplow Robot "RoboPlow"

Humans! The most complicated creatures living and have ever lived on the planet Earth!

Having a unique ability to think critically and creatively, we humans have managed so many things. Think about out progression starting from lighting the first fire to sending a super-complex vehicle to discover the Martian surface! What is the source of such development? What makes us enable to think and act logically? There is apparently no single answer for such questions, but the most remarkable one is the brainpower for sure! When you have it strong then every door is open for you. In today's video that we chose specially for you to enjoy, you're going to see a robot born after the marriage of brainpower and necessary materials. A company having its head in North Carolina, SuperDroid Robots, came up with a robot that can plow the snow while you lay back and enjoy your hot coffee. The robot is a six wheeler and fitted with a 52" plough blade. It works pneumatically and perfectly. It is possible to operate this brilliant robot via a tablet or even with a desktop computer. It weighs about 181.82 pounds and is capable of running for two hours on two car batteries.

Check the video to see how this "RoboPlow" works and enjoy!