1956 Volkswagen Beetle Customized with Buick Parts is a Shining Star!

Lou Costabile! If you're checking this website regularly then you probably know who he is! But, for those who doesn't, let us introduce him first!

This brilliant man is a dedicated car enthusiast who spends a great amount of time to travel across the country, to fin the coolest machines and learn the stores behind them from the very owners. He owns a YouTube channel and he hosts a series called "My Car Story with Lou Costabile". Today we present you just another episode of this fantastic YouTube series and hope you enjoy it. On this episode of My Car Story with Lou Costabile, we're checking out a custom built 1956 Volkswagen Beetle, dubbed the Berlin Buick! As this '56 Beetle has been customized with Buick parts, this nickname is just fits! The lucky owner is Rob Freeman, and Rob Gerring is who shares the details with us. Rob shares the customizing of the car took 4 people at Brown's Metal Mods 2 years. The car is the product of an amazing hand work, incredible craftsmanship and apparently so much effort!

If you're interested in Volkswagen Beetles then you "must" check this video. Hit the play button and enjoy!