BUICK E-JOB: The Art of Cutting & Hand-Forming a Traditional Custom '49 Buick Sedanette

Elegant look, walk around, modification car story by the owner, in result creating custom car, ride and drive you might be a witness watching this video. This guy cut up his wife's 1949 Buick E-Job. Cutting the triangle shape for bringing car to a different special size and making some transformation.

After a lot of changings during over six and a half years the Buick E-Job as a custom car takes part in competitions, shows. And this car won 2023 Custom of the Year. As we know the 1949 Buick LeSabre, often referred to as the E-Job. Undoubtedly this car is a creating hand-crafted in metal. The attention to detail in lighting and sound is first class. The LeSabre featured an aerodynamic body with conservative design. Also was equipped with a powerful V8 engine. The owner of car had an encourage to cut his vehicle and made hand forming. The exterior has special magnificent gold coloring. Its really a work of art.

Have a catching breath moments, joyful journey with the 1949 Buick E-Job in its transformation in a new creative vehicle. If you are fond of classic, custom cars and their modification this video might be useful for you. Watch, enjoy and share with your friends!