"Saint Christopher": Hemi-Powered 1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

1934 Ford Coupe "Saint Christopher" is a custom hot rod with significant recognition which won Hot Rod of the Year at the show. Its a unique family story of car transformation from the owner shows us how through years have keeping like this legacy.

Typically Hot rods are classic cars, which are modified for high-performance driving. And we can mention the unique nature of each hot rod build especially as this family car. A specific vehicle like "Saint Christopher" would be known among automotive collectors and customers for its specialities, performance value, engine power. The exterior has gorgeous and creative rainbow coloring which catching eyes with its painting, gold leaf. And there is no radiator. That is 331 Hemi, fast and loud. The setback motor that is part of the race look. The owner put the T5 five speed transmission in it. Also we can see the engine like it is mechanical fuel injection.

The story of 1934 Ford Coupe from old up to new car transformation with creating job by its owner. In result we take a look of custom hot rod with specific painting, joyful run and drive. Have nice moments, enjoy and share with your friends!