500HP 8V92 Double-O Detroit Diesel Powered 1981 White-Freightliner Cabover

Have you ever wished that you were back on those good old days when the trucks were trucks and their drivers were the knights of the roads?

Try to imagine how amazing were these days and how stunning were the trucks driving down the roads of the country. How it would make you feel traveling across the states with one of truck of these golden years? That would be a priceless feeling for sure! In today's video, which last only for 15 seconds, you're going to see a truck that rocked and still rocks the roads with its mere existence! Asking what it is? It is a 1981 White-Freightliner Cabover Detroit Diesel owned by Kevin Young. Kevin's rig is a 1981 Freightliner Cabover that he found parked behind a house in California a few years back. It had sat for 22 years. When Kevin found it, there was homeless guy was living in it. No reason to say it was in a terrible condition. It takes it power by a mechanical 8V92 "Double-O" Detroit Diesel that is able to produce 500 hp.

A lot of work has been done for this amazing Cabover and now it looks magnificent. Check out this 500hp 1981 White-Freightliner and enjoy!