1939 DKW Barn Find Rescue After 60 Years at the Junkyard

The creative reconstruction and modification project of 1939 DKW vehicle after 60 years standing unworkable we can mention in this video. Step by step of changes, explanations in details, great engineering process, and in result we have meet again workable, able ride and drive car.

DKW was known for its two-stroke engines and innovative engineering and leading manufacturers of small cars in Germany. The 1939 model from this year typically featured a front-wheel-drive layout and a two-stroke, two-cylinder engine. They were known for their simplicity, reliability, and efficiency.
The fact that it survived at all makes it a rare and valuable find. Typically the work begins by assessing the overall condition of the vehicle, checking for structural integrity, the state of the engine, and the availability of original parts. The silent working format it has with great engine sound. Cars like the 1939 DKW are rare, especially those that have been out of circulation for such a long time. Their rarity increases their value among collectors.

The rescue and restoration of a 1939 DKW after 60 years in a junkyard is a remarkable story of preservation and dedication. As we see finding and restoring an old car is a way to connect with the past and preserve history. Watch this video, enjoy and have a lot of pleasant moments!