SHERP the Ultimate All Terrain Vehicle That All Enthusiasts' Are Looking For!

Traveling the wild is a passion for some and for those there's a special vehicle that they can totally rely on. Sherp All terrain vehicle is an indispensable tool for anyone who is not willing to be bested by severe environment and harsh weather conditions.

It's designed and developed in a way based on reliability and increased security. It's capable of climbing up a step of 1 meter high. Each Sherp tire has a volume of about 210 gallons and this allows the Sherp to move along the water. It also can get out of water on the ice, it can stay afload with zero tire pressure. It performs unbelievable stability on hillsides while it can climb up to 35 degree slope. Powered by Diesel Kubota V1505-E3B, it drinks 2 to 3 liters of fuel per hour while the full tank capacity is 258 liters.

Check out the video to see the advanced performance of this amazing ATV and let us know what you think!