Check Out The World's One of the Luckiest Dogs and Its Cool Ride

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a car and not every animal is lucky enough to have an owner who can offer it a good shelter, good food, good treats and unconditional love.

Some pets suffer from violence and are even tortured by their owners while some others have diamond-studded clothes specially tailored for them by famous designers. Inequality is everywhere. In today's video, however, we're checking out the world's one of the luckiest dogs. If you pet a dog then you probably have noticed that your dog is crazy about going for a ride in the car. That's simply because they feel as if they're running freely or they're on a hunt while riding a car, especially with the windows open. The dog you're going to see in the video has its own ride in its own car attached to its owner's quad bike. We would even enjoy such a cool ride. It's awesome!

Check out the video to see how happy this dog is and let us know what you think about this interesting ride!