38,8 L V8 Tank Engine Started for the First Time After Three Decades!

Are you an auto enthusiast? Are you looking for a YouTube channel which is all about cars and dedicated to ones like you? If you are then here's a great one for you. Mastermilo82!

This is a pretty popular YouTube channel with more than half million subscribers from the four corners of the globe. This fantastic channel owned and hosted by a cool guy who has a deep, very deep, interest in cars, you can find everything about tanks, ATVs, tractors, extreme cars, homemades, engines, literally everything you can imagine about cars! The video we chose for you to check out today demonstrates us an engine. It's not an
ordinary one, of course, but an exceptional engine. Watching the video, you're going to see the exciting run of this 38,8 liter V8 engine for the first time after 28 years. Almost three decades it has been since the last time this splendid engine was started. The tank is an Iraqi Type 69-II (T54) and it was captured during the 1st Gulfwar in 1991. The tank has been on display in UK since then. The engine is now repaired and looks gorgeous. Hit the play button to hear more details about this tank engine and the tank itself.

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