59 Foot Tiranna: World's Coolest Center Console Ever!

Here we have seen so many cars, trucks, pickups, trailers, bikes, R/Cs and more, but this time we're checking out something exquisitely different.

It is a center console that will blow your mind with everything it got. It is of course, not an ordinary center console, but the world's ultimate center console that distinguishes from any of its alikes. Designed, developed and put into the market by the Cigarette Racing Team, this center console, dubbed the 59' Tiranna is the redefinition of luxury, high quality and performance. The Tiranna, an all-new console, is a 59 foot boat taking its power from six Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines. Appeal to the pleasure of the ones with refine tastes, the Tiranna features almost everything from an aft deck summer kitchen to a spectacular Poltrona Frau all-leather interior that will make you feel like you're getting rest in Heaven. It can reach a top speed of 72 mph and can give you the comfort and excitement you seek. It is built to impress by every means. The video shows us this ultimate center console of Cigarette brand in full detail.

Now just lean back, relax, click on the play button and let the fun begin. For most of us this is something we only can see through screens so enjoy it!