Jay Leno's Garage Presents: Keith Charvonia Turned a $150 1951 Body into an Automotive Wonder!

We bet almost all of you know something about Jay Leno's Garage, an Emmy-winning web and television series, in which globally famous American comedian and the country's one of the most dedicated car collectors Jay Leno gives us his car-motorcycle reviews, compares cars and share his deep passion and expertise on vehicles.

Today, we proudly present an episode of this amazing show. Starting with an awesome song, House of the Rising Sun, of The Animals, this episode of Jay Leno's Garage demonstrates us the "Kaiser Drag'n". It's a 1951 Kaiser Manhattan owned and built by Keith Charvonia, who is a brilliant man from Tempe, Arizona gifted with skillful hands. As reported, Charvonia bough the body of this machine for $150 and spent eight years to give it its final look. The Kaiser Drag'n is sitting side by side with its brand new heart, perfectly functioning nervous system and strong skeleton. Custom mounts make the professionally modified 1951 body rest atop the 1955 chassis. The amount of bodywork and attention given to the details needs appreciation.

Check out the video to see how spectacular this 1951 Kaiser Drag'n really is and enjoy!