Mechanical Version of Frankenstein: Rat Rod Tankenstein!

You all know about the science-fiction, horror-thriller and interestingly romantic novel by Mary Shelley: Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus.

This iconic novel has brought our lives a zombie-like creature with a square head, all torn clothes, pale skin and a throaty voice. In 1931, the Universal Pictures made a gothic monster horror movie based on the novel and since then Frankenstein stuck in our minds as a mysterious monster and of course, as one of the most common Halloween costume ideas. In today's video, we're presenting you the vehicle version of Frankenstein: the Rat Rod Tankenstein! We can't know what you imagine when you read the word Tankenstein, but make it double because what you're going to see in this video is gonna blow your mind. The Rat Rod Tankenstein is the perfect combination of a tank and the rat rod style that we all adore. It looks like a zombie tank that just got out its grave, and it sounds like it's very pleasant for coming back to life. Attending to rat rod contests with such a monster would guarantee you the championship.

Check out today's video to see the mechanical version of Frankenstein and let us know what you think about that special build!