Engineering Stuff: Inertia Friction Welding is the Perfect Welding Process!

Sometimes, there comes a strange moment we think about the engineers. They are the ones who brought us to this level of technical development.

Almost everything we use in our daily lives, varying from mind- blowingly complex inventions to the simplest products, is the fruits of the brilliant minds which give birth to things that most of us couldn't even imagine. The question is how could they be such smart? Is this level of intelligence combined with creativity and clear vision a gift from the creator or is it something that they work on it and improve? Probably, the both! In today's video, interesting enough to get more than three million views, we're checking out a smartly designed technique used in many fields of industry: inertia friction welding. The machine-controlled friction weld process is known to be highly consistent and reliable. It eliminates human error and produces weld quality, independent of how skillful the operator is. The process itself is easily controlled, repeatable, and monitored.

If you're interested in engineering stuff and want to see how this process works then don't wait even for a second and check out today's video. You won't regret it!