Custom 1949 Mercury by Bo Hoff

Are you familiar with famous custom cars or let's ask are you interested in custom cars? If you are then you are at the right place and we bet you already have heard about Bo Hoff.

A legend who is (unfortunately "was" since 2015) custom cars builder, painter and fabricator born in 1943 in Clarksville, Arkansas. We have lost this enthusiastic custom builder on 4th of August, 2015, after his exhausting with against cancer. He is not present in this world anymore, but his works are. These are some special works that can gather thousands of fans together just to see them. The video we present you with a great missing, respect and commemoration demonstrates us one of the greatest and best moments of him. In the video, he presents us one of the latest creations of him: a 1949 Mercury that is literally fascinating. Take a look at it and then you are fascinated against the striking beauty it has. You may ask the possibility of the existence of such a good-looking machine, but the video is already showing us this is real!

Hit the play button without wasting time, see the beauty of this '49 Mercury and let this beauty take you to beautiful dreams!