Japan's Eshima Ohashi Bridge "Roller Coaster Bridge"

Japan, the land of rising sun. When you visit this culturally, historically and economically rich country, you can see lots of things that you can't even see something similar in other parts of the globe.

This is a country with unique culture, unique people and unique inventions. Such level of uniqueness can be clearly seen on almost everything that exist in Japan and in today's video, we're checking out just one of these unique things! We don't know if you are familiar with the world's longest, largest or biggest bridges, but the world's third largest bridge is a mind-blowing bridge from Japan. Eshima Ohashi is the world's third largest bridge of its own kind and the largest rigid frame bridge in Japan. The large bridges are everywhere in the world, but there is one thing that makes this bridge special. Located in Western Japan, the Eshima Ohashi Bridge looks more like a roller coaster than a road. Constructed on the base of two-lone concrete road, the Eshima Ohashi Bridge rises so sharply that it give goosebumps even to the most experienced and brave drivers. It is so ridiculously steep that ships can go underneath it. The bridge is 1.44 km long with a width of 11.3 meters.

Check out today's video to see how long and steep this weird but totally breathtaking bridge is and let us know your opinion!