The Car with only Two Wheels: Self-Balancing Gyro-X vehicle from 1967

Sometimes we ask how interesting can a car be? Is there a limit for that? Where this limit ends? The answer for this question is crystal clear.

As there is no limit for the power of imagination there is no limit for a car to be interesting. With this power gifted us, we have done so many thing on earth and we keep doing. In today's video, we're checking out a creation that pushes the limits of imagination. A driver from Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, gives us an strikingly impressive demonstration of a fully restored, cherry red 1967 Gyro-X vehicle to the cheerful crowds of 2019 Concorzo d'Eleganza of Villa d'Este in Italy. As reported, the vehicle had come to the museum in a very poor condition. Ownership had passed hands several times, time has passed and many modifications had been done. In 2011, the museum took possession of it and it then transformed into something crazy. What makes this 1967 Gyro-X vehicle crazy is that it runs on two wheels only. Two wheels folks! It is a not a bike, it is a car, but it runs on two wheels and it's self-balancing. It is a two-wheeled prototype that stays and drives perfectly balanced.

Hit the play button without losing a second, see how this two- wheeled unique machine drives and pay your respects!