This Supercharged Nitro Harley is the Coolest Bike You've Ever Seen and Will Ever See!

Motorcycle, a two-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine and has no pedals! Great machines! Are you into motorcycles? Well, you should be!

Who can resist the beauty of well built motorcycle? Who can say no to the magical sound that comes out of a motorcycle's engine? Who doesn't want to watch an exciting drag race? There are millions of motorcycles on the planet, in or out of use, but only very few of them is as cool as the one you're going to see in today's video.

This video of one minute only demonstrates us Jason Pridemore's Supercharged Nitro Harley. This is one of the coolest motorcycles you have ever seen and you will ever see. It has a distinct sound and a particular look. It would be unforgettable to watch it in action on the dragway.

If you love drag bikes then don't wait even for a second, click on the play button, see how this literally amazing bike performs on the dragway, hear its satisfying sound and let the fun begin for you!