2500HP 528ci HEMI Powered 1963 Plymouth Valiant

Are you a speed freak or do you know someone who is a speed freak? We mean the ones who are addicted to the sense pf speed and ares o deeply interested in powerful cars.

For such people, speed is everything. That's exactly why they usually drive at a speed that exceeds the legal limit. Today's video which hit more than six million views on YouTube, we're checking out the perfect car for speed freaks. This
is a 1963
Plymouth Valiant
that runs on a
528ci of HEMI on Blown Alcohol. This insane engine is so powerful that it can produce 2500 horsepower. The sound coming from this blown
fueled car produces one of the most demonic sounds that we've ever heard and we guarantee that this sound will give you an eargasm. The massive engine popping out of the hood sounds like whole orchestra giving a concert right beside you. This is apparently the baddest, nastiest, coolest and craziest Plymouth we have ever seen.

If you are ready to have a deep eargasm and eyegasm with this adrenaline pumping machine then hit the play button and watch this video till the end, hear that mind-blowing sound and let yourself to the beauty of this '63 Plymouth!