49 Ford Tudor Rat Rod by Mad Mods Kustoms'

Have you ever dreamed of a custom car? If you have, how and what was it? A hot rod? A classic? A muscle or a rat rod?

Located in Pompana Beach, Florida, the Mad Mods Kustoms is serving to make your custom dreams come true. Officially established in 1998 as Mad Mods Inc., this accomplished custom shop is turning a passion and hobby into successful built customs, which give the customer the highest level of satisfaction. Knowledge, craftsmanship, experience and professionality are what Mad Mods Kustoms offers to its customers. Their shop in Florida is also a full collision repair shop, meaning that you can get your customs repaired here. The video we happily present you today demonstrates us one of the coolest works of Mad Mods Kustoms. This is the "Rat Rod". It doesn't need fancy words or showily nicknames. It is a rat rod and it is called Rat Rod. It is equipped with everything it needs to be a rat rod. The fully rusty exterior, red wheel rims, the huge engine popping out of the hood are the highlights that make this Rat Rod cooler than any other rat rod. It is professionally slammed to the ground and looks absolutely badass.

Watch the video to see the Rat Rod and have fun!