Making Dad the Happiest Person on Earth on His 99 th Birthday!

When it comes to being a parent, the most of the attention goes to moms as they're the ones who takes the physical, mental and psychological burden of enduring the pregnancy pains, giving a birth, raising the children and protecting them from the external dangers.

Even thought the emphasis is always on moms, it shouldn't be forgotten that dads also play a great role in an individual's life. Dads are love, folks! So you better stick to them and appreciate what they have done for you before it's too late. In today's heart- warming video, we're checking out a cute dad and son and their inspiring story. Walt West's, the dad, wish was to drive the 1955 Ford that he bought while it was brand new and parked in a shed for almost half a century. So, the son, Harry West, rolled up his sleeves to make his beloved dad's wish come true at his 99 th birthday. Such a dutiful child he is! His 1955 Ford spent three months to get ready for one last drive.

Watch the video to see how happy the dad feels when he drives his dream car maybe for the last time and get some inspiration!