1941 GMC COE V8 Race Car Hauler

Do you know what does the word « one of a kind » means ? Even though you are not so fluent or effectively talking in English, you can know what does it mean.

Today we're not giving you the dictionary meaning of it, instead we will show you the meaning with the help of a video. Shared by a great YouTube channel « An auto enthusiast's life », this spectacular video shows us a cool host who tells us about a one of a kind machine. This is a 1941 GMC COE V8 Race Car Hauler that will drop your jaw and make you fall in love with it at the very first second you look at it. How gorgeous can a hauler be ? Built by Rich Roberts, this hauler is so tremendous that it has another automobile inside. The amount if hard-working, effort, time and money spent to build such a magnificent vehicle makes one think deeply. The host tells us that this transformers-like hauler was for sale last year and it went for 175k. Totally worth it, if you're a millionaire.

Check today's video paying attention to every single second, see the details that will drive you crazy and keep dreaming
! Maybe one day comes and you will have such a hauler !