Britain-Made Ford Popular Speeds Up Like the Road Runner

Having its main headquarter in Michigan, Ford Motor Company has designed and brought into being so many different vehicles of various types and sizes since the first years of its establishment.

Automobiles, commercial vehicles, SUVs, luxury cars and engines are among these vehicles, and today's video we're checking out one of them! The Ford you're going to see in today's video is not very familiar with the American drivers as it has been manufactured by the Ford UK. We hear you asking what is it! It's a Ford Popular, often called as the Ford Pop! It's technically an automobile built by Ford UK between the years 1953 and 1962. When introduced to the market, it was the cheapest car in the entire Britain. It's powered by a 1172 cc straight-4 side-valve engine. It has a top speed of 60.3
mph and can accelerate from 0- 50
mph in just 24.1 seconds. Not bad for such an old car! Today's video, which is a short but definitely worthwhile one, shows us a Ford Pop speeding up on the street.

Check out the video to enjoy the high driving performance of this Ford Pop and leave your comment down below!