Rider with Cast Iron Balls Performs a Great show with Blown Injected V8 Powered Drag Bike

Long time, no motorcycles, right? Don't think we forget about motorcycle lovers! How it can be possible at all? How can we forget ourselves!

We love motorcycle so much and we know that you do too! It's the very reason we keep sharing videos about them! Today, for example, we're presenting just another motorcycle video that you all would like to see and enjoy till the last second. What is demonstrated in today's video is an absolutely crazy Blown injected V8 powered drag bike that features a Blown SBC on alcohol. It's so finely detailed that it must have taken a lot of time to complete it. The bike itself looks amazingly cool, but watching the rider perform a breathtaking show on it is sure cooler! No doubt that he has some cast iron balls. He actually needs a side car for them! They must be hard to carry! What he does requires courage. Not every rider has got that! "What a fearless man" you'll say after watching him.

Check out the video till the end to enjoy both the bike and the rider's show.