Hand-Built Street-Legal Dwarf Cars by Ernie Adams

Arizona! The home of Grand Canyon National Park. The nation's copper treasure. The state of blue and gold, a lot of endemic animals and plants, natural beauties and breathtaking landscapes.

There are so many things to say about Arizona, but today we will focus on only one thing! Apart from all the cactuses, geographical beauties, Arizona has one more thing that makes it special than other states: Ernie Adams' Dwarf Car Museum! It means that while enjoying Lucky Luke and the inspiring view of Grand Canyon, you can also have some quality time getting a tour at the world's one of the most unique museums. The Dwarf Car Museum founded by a Nebraskan mechanic Ernie Adams is a large collection of small cars. "Dwarf car" is a term also founded by Ernie Adams and he is the only one behind this excellent small car project. He started building these miniature but totally functioning cars out of junk parts. He built his first dwarf car out of nine refrigerators. From refrigerators to cars. Such a transformation! Each dwarf car is built by hands of Ernie Adams and they take him almost 4,000 hours to complete. As these are the perfect and pure fruits of his priceless hand force, they are not for sale in any case. You can only go to the museum and enjoy looking at them in detail.

Watch the video to hear about the inspiring story of Ernie Adams, a gifted man and enjoy the Dwarf Cars!