Detroit Diesel Powered Rat Rod Trike For the Ones Who Like Trikes Rough and Rusty!

What do you think about trikes? Do you find them cool? Would you like to own and ride one? We don't know about you, but what we know for sure is that trikes are loved all around the world!

Trikes come in many different shapes, sizes, brands and styles. Some of us like them modern and shiny while some of us want them rough, dirty and rusty! Today, we have something to offer for those who like their trikes in the rat rod style! The video we proudly present you here on this page today demonstrates us an absolutely badass trike.

A Detroit Diesel Powered Rat Rod Trike! Watching this video of eighteen seconds only, you're going to see this dreamy rat rot trike while getting in its garage. The owner rides it very carefully. Who wants to damage such a magnificent machine, right?

If you want to see how gorgeous this Detroit Diesel powered rat rod trike is and hear its eargasmic sound then don't wait even for a second, click on the play button and have some real fun!