"Fleshwound": Rat Rod Rustbike An Absolute Masterpiece of Motorcycle Art!

When most people hear the word "rat rod" they tend to imagine something on four wheels all rusty and dirty.

Contrary to what they suppose not all the things called as "rat rod" stand on four wheels. What they don't know is that rat rod is a specific style that can be applied to so many different objects, including trucks, motorcycles, bikes and even to houses! In today's awesome video that looks like a scene from a blockbuster Hollywood movie, we're checking out a rat rod on not only four but two wheels, a motorcycle! This extraordinary rat rod motorcycle is called "Fleshwound" and coming from the North of the Europe, Norway. Here on this website we have had the chance to see countless custom built motorcycles, but this one has the most unique appearance. As the lucky owner of this mind-blowing bike explains in the video, this amazing rustbike is built with parts taken from different cars: the back wheel is from the `32 Ford Milk truck, headlights are from the `36 Chevy, the engine is from
XS560 while other components are customized from a
Mopar engine. The Fleshwound is an absolute masterpiece of motorcycle art.

Watch the video to have a look at this stunning motorcycle and enjoy!