The Way These Amazingly Designed and Flawlessly Functioning Machines Harvest Tulip Bulbs Will Give You an Odd Satisfaction

Wanna see a video that will refresh your soul, relive your stress and give you an odd satisfaction?

We presume your answer as "Yes!" and present you this video that hit almost twenty-five million views on YouTube. Since the beginning of mechanized agriculture, machines of various kinds, shapes and sizes are helping people to make agriculture easier and make the product abundant. In today's video, we're checking out an amazingly designed and flawlessly functioning machine that harvest tulip bulbs planted on an enormous land just in hours. Can you imagine how many millions or maybe billions of money they safe by replacing human labor with such effective machines. Tulip bulbs are harvested with an Amac ZM4 and a home build Earth Eater Super II of Vido Fleur of Achthuizen, The Netherlands. Then, a self- propelled washing machine based on a Ropa Euro Tiger sugerbeet harvester wash the bulbs to clean the dirt around them. Different machines are used for the harvesting process and all of them are great.

Check out the video and we're sure you'll enjoy it!