1902 Grain Crusher Works ar Full Function After Restoration

Grains, one of the earliest foods of humankind! We plant, we harvest and we consume many different kinds of grains since the very beginning of farming and even before. Grains make up a great and essential part of our daily diet.

The American Heart Association recommends consuming six to eight servings of grain food per day. Grains are delicious, filling, nutritious, but we often need to crush them before consuming. We crush grains not only for ourselves, but also to feed animals. At this point, the grain crusher comes to our help! The grain crusher is a machine designed and built to crush the grains of all types into various sizes. When crushed, the grains do not lose anything from their nutritional value. In today's video, we're checking out an old grain crusher that still works at full its function. The crusher is covered completely with a layer of rust and looks badass. The guy in the video restores the crusher and he does it like a professional.

Watch the video till the end to see the final look of this 1902 grain crusher after this extensive restoration process and leave your comment below!