Agriculture at its Best: Harvester Fills the Huge Trailer in Only 4 Minutes!

Defined as the practice of cultivating the soil to grow crops primarily to provide food and other related products, agriculture is the holy thing that brought us to this level of humanity and civilization.

It's a scientifically and archaeologically proved fact that agriculture is the key element of civilization. It was in the past, it is at the present and it will be in the future. Taking its roots about 12,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, agriculture sparked such a massive chance in both society and the way people exist in the nature that its development triggered a revolution. The shift from hunter-gatherer lifestyle to farming and settled life, made cities grew bigger, creating a global population linked with wide networks of trade and diplomacy. It's amazing to think about all the improvements that agriculture gave a lead. In today's video, which is filmed at a farm in Illinois, Stone Ridge Dairy, we're checking out one of the latest developments in the agricultural technology. A perfectly functioning harvester chopping corns in a safe, quick and economical way! A huge semi trailer drives along the harvester and it takes harvester only four minutes to fill the trailer with corn.

Watch the video to see how impressively this awesome harvester works and leave your comment!