Fully Customized 1966 Volkswagen Beetle "Badd Bug"

Volkswagen Beetle is one of the rare cars that changed the course of automotive industry.

The concept of the Beetle had been put forward back in 1931, when Ferdinand Porsche and Zundapp designed and developed the Porsche Type 12, which is called as Auto fur Jederman, Car for Everyone as it translates to English. Following the years of development and redesign, Volkswagen Beetle got its iconic look. This legendary machine is what made Volkswagen Volkswagen. Even though Volkswagen has stopped making its iconic Beetle after decades of manufacturing, custom builders never get sick of making new custom Beetles. In today's video, we're checking out a perfect example for that. This is a full custom 1966 Volkswagen Beetle nicknamed as the "Badd Bug". This '66 Volkswagen Beetle is fully customized to one-of-a-kind Cali style cruiser. The car is visually enriched with a matte black paintjob which makes it look like a gentleman in black suits. Every single part of this '66 VW Beetle is done with a great dedication and advanced craftsmanship. The combination of red and black also gives this '66 Beetle an extra charisma.

Watch the video to bath your eyes with stunning beauty of this iconic machine, see the custom interior which is as cool as the outer part and enjoy!