16V71 Detroit Diesel Powered Hot Rod Looks Nice Even Under Construction!

Do you like travelling? Well, who doesn't! It is scientifically proven by many scientists and studies that travelling is good for human health.

First of all, travelling is a stress reliever. It reduces stress and boosts your mental health by making you avoid the tension of your working life. It takes you out of your daily routine and takes you into new places where you can learn so many things, try new foods and learn new things. It stimulates the happiness hormone and it reduces your chance to developing heart problems. There are maybe hundreds maybe thousands of benefits of travelling, but in the United States, there is one special benefit of travelling. If you are a car enthusiast, travelling in the United States will be like travelling to heaven. In each states and each city of the country, you can see countless machines with unique designs. Hot rods, rat rods, muscles, classics, one-of-a-kind customs, trucks, pickups, everything! In today's video, we're checking out one of these interesting machines! This is a 16V71 Detroit Diesel powered Hot Rod that is apparently a product of hardworking, clear vision and ingenuity. It is not even completed. T is still under construction. Try to imagine how good it will be when it's done.

Watch the video to check this huge hot rod, see how powerful it sounds and leave your comment! You opinion matters!