Rare 1950 Chevrolet Double Cap Pickup Truck is Truly Magnificent!

What do you think about pickup trucks? Do you own one? Would you like to own one? When it comes to cars, pickup trucks take one step forward.

They're practical. They're functional. They're safe. They're cool. They're affordable. They're customizable. They're preferable. We can say so many positive thing about them, bu we just don't need to do it! Instead, we share an awesome videos and it will demonstrate you all these positive things in a couple minutes. In today's video, which is a bit distorted but still extremely enjoyable, you're going to see a true American pickup truck! It's a very rare custom built 1950 Chevrolet Double Cap Pickup Truck painted in the most elegant shade of blue. The guy who films the video shows us every single detail about this gorgeous machine and tells us the specifications. Both the interior and the exterior look super clean. The engine sounds healthy and powerful. Who wouldn't want to own such a nice piece of machinery, right?

Watch the video paying attention to details, pay your respects to the builder for he managed to build such a masterpiece, enjoy the video and comment what do you think about it!