"Mad Max" Rat Rod: V12 Diesel 1948 COE Dump Truck With Hidden Motorcycle

In this video we can take a look of Mad Max V12 Detroit Diesel rat truck that gives life to a motorcycle. Owner of rat rod 1948 Ford COE dump truck with adding and subtracting also using the Honda Trail 1990 rat bike made some unique construction which we can be face to face.

As we see one diesel mechanic compared in same vehicle rat truck and motorcycle. Its a great job and in the ending also gorgeous result. High performance exhaust, adjust the handlebars. Larry is the skull on the top of the car the owner added to bring some speciality in design. This construction is a ready comparation in one vehicle of some pieces, parts, the old shell of the cab and stuff. An innovation in mechanic this Mad Max V12 Detroit Diesel rat truck with bike in its former.

If you are interested in a specific vehicle, modification which brings special cars it would be helpful watch individual history and specifications. Vintage vehicles like the 1948 Ford COE dump truck with bike construction, run and drive watch in motion. Watch, enjoy this video and share with your friends!