Compound Turbo 12 Valve Cummins 1930 Ford Model A Rat Rod on Dually Mud Terrains

1930 Ford Model A rat rod we have meet as a custom vintage vehicle with its special great developing story by the owner. This is a Tudor 1930 Model A sedan. Looking to car historical roots it was rat slash hot rod style in its introduction. And its a spectacular opportunity to be a witness of transformation as this unique classic car.

Three years this guy spent to make a car of his dream with a lot of changes and modifications. The frame was cut, modified and made with plate steel. Its a very heavy and car weight according to this also became much more heavy. The roof shape was changed but brought a wanted result. As we know the 1930 Ford Model A is a well good choice for creating rat rods due to its iconic vintage look and solid construction. Typically this car characterized custom-built hot rods, unfinished appearance through years. The vehicle was equipped with 12-valve diesel. Transformations showed more high performance of creating masterpiece like this.

Well done job of constructing a new vehicle with changes and creations shows us whole process of huge labour. If you are fond of classic vintage car this video might be interesting for you. Watch, enjoy and take nice moments!