"Mirage": 1941 Ford Roadster Truck is Built to Keep "The American Dream" Alive

The American Dream! We bet you have heard these words for thousands of time in your lifetime, You have you ever wondered what it means?

The American Dream is the national ethos of the United States that tells us the government is to protect each person's opportunity to pursue their own idea of prosperity, success and most importantly freedom. The American Dream is the base that our nation is built on. You may ask what is the relation between the American Dream and cars! Well, today's video show us what it is! Check out this video of couple minutes only, you're going to see 1941 Ford Roadster truck built to keep "the American Dream" alive. Nicknamed as "Mirage", this unique truck is equipped with a electrically operated retractable hardtop. The electrically operated rear apron hides the top when it is in down position and creates an attractive bed cover with the top in the up position. It's powered by a 5.4 DOHC engine. It's professionally painted in a stunning shade of red. The interior is also as well- equipped as the exterior and it features the highest-quality materials.

Watch the video to see the details of this awarded machine and let us know what you think about it down in the comments!