Angry Man Turns into Crazy When His Car Stuck in the Snow

Cold days of the year are on their way. Maybe a blizzard comes, too! In case of a fierce snow storm, there're some potential scenarios you can face with whether you're prepared for them or not, and having you car stuck in snow is one of them!

This extreme situation is one of the biggest fears of drivers who live in cold climates where snowfall is heavy for the most of the winter. From special rescue techniques to using props, there are several ways to get your car out of the snow and moving it again, but if you don't know what you're doing or just can't stay calm to see what can be done then all of these techniques and props become useless. In today's video, for example, we're checking out an angry man whose car got stuck in the snows. He curses so loudly that he catches the attention of several passersby.

Watch the video to see how this angry man and his stuck car end up and let us know what you think about this video right in the comments below!