1959 Chevrolet Viking: 1000hp+ 572ci Blown Merlin Big Block Powered Rat Rod Towing Truck!

Here's a question! Is rare always beautiful? It's apparently a question that everyone will answer differently.

But let us say our answer: mostly, not always! When something is rare, it is usually beautiful, or let's say more attractive. In today's video, we're checking out a very clear example for that. What's filmed in this video is a Chevy Viking, a rare model of the giant American automaker Chevrolet. As reported this 1959 Chevy Viking was first used as a commercial car by a company selling stationary engines. After used heavily and unfortunately being ended up in a junk yard, this '59 Chevy Viking arrived to the garage of its new lucky owner in 1996, but it also waited in his backyard for more than a decade. Then, the luck turns, and the owner started to restore it to perfection which is equal to its current status. At the first sight, it may look like a pile of junk metal, but the beauty lies exactly at this point. Running on an awesome Blown Merlin 572ci Big Block with nitrous and straight pipes, this extra extra cool Chevy Viking now makes more than 1000hp.

The video shows us the fine details and the performance of this excellent machine. If you want fun you should watch it!