Jack Stewart's Excellently Customized 1941 Ford Drives into the Garage Like a Boss

Do you enjoy watching classic Fords in action? We do and we hope you do, too! In today's video, we present you a truly impressive Ford that you all would like to see.

Before you check out how cool this 1941 Ford really is let's embark on its brief history. As reported Ayala Brothers and Barris Kustoms restyled this 1941 Ford together for L.A. Roadsters member Jack Stewart of Los Angeles, California. Stewart bought this cool machine after he graduated from high school in 1947. When the year was 1950, he took it to The Ayala Brothers, also known as Gil's Auto Body Works, to make his car get a full Fadeaway Fenders treatment applied, and by this way the story began. In 2009, the car was on sale at Icons of Speed & Style and it was sold for $ 27,500. Then in 2010, the car was put on eBay by Symbolic Motor Company and this time sold for $39,000. Watching the video, you can see this precious car driving into a garage just like a boss.

Check out the way it drives and enjoy!