"The Business Man": 1937 Chevrolet Business Street Machine to Blow Minds!

Business man! What's the image you have when you hear this word? What do you think about it? What do you imagine?

A medium-age gentleman in a well-tailored suit? A man driving his extra-expensive car? A man spending most of his time in suffocating business meetings? A man who continuously schedules both national and international flights and travels all around the world for his job? A man who spends his days and nights in an office in a skyscraper and has no time to spare for his wife and kids? These are the most probable things you can imagine about a business man because of the stereotypes the media imposes us. Today, however, we're checking out a different type of business man. It's actually not even a man! It's a car! Today's video, share by one of our favorite YouTube channels, ScottieDTV, you're going to see a 1937 Chevrolet Business Coupe Street Machine, aka "The Business Man". It's a spectacular machine that the skillful guys at Hudson's Rod and Customs built only for themselves.

Check out the video with attention to see and hear the details and let us know your opinion about this sweet '37 Chevy Street Rod in the comments below!