1955 Chevrolet Pro Street Shines in Black and Silver!

When it comes to Pro Streets, there is nowhere better than USA. This country of opportunities is like heaven or earth for street car lovers.

On each corner of the country, it is possible to bath your eyes with the stunning beauty of street machines and this is a great opportunity that you can't find any other part of the globe. So if you are an auto enthusiast and living in US at the same time, you should appreciate the treasure you have. Today's video which we choose specially for you to check out demonstrated us just one piece of this rich treasure. Shared by ScottieDTV, one of our favorite YouTube channels dedicated to streets machines, this excellently enjoyable video shows a 1955 Chevrolet caught on camera at Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interior. The '55 Chevy has been with the same owner for more than four decades. The lucky owner of this '55 Chevy started to build a drag car, but then it turned into being Pro Street. It runs on a 1250hp engine it is fitted with a high-quality leather interior. Everything about this Chevy is above standards.

Check it out to see all the cool details this 1955 Chevrolet has and enjoy the classic black and silver details!