8 Most Beautiful Custom Cars Built By Chip Foose

This is a catching eyes compilation of 8 functional and magnificent custom cars. In this video we can be face to face with specific designed, classic and vintage vehicles with its own features, views and body shapes.

As we can mention types, specialities and features of these rear cars.
One of them 1965 Chevy Impala Impostor with grey-coffee coloring taking our attention with its elegance and stylish look. The second is 1970 Plymouth Terracuda in brown with its original unique body form, with 485 HP in vintage view shows its special design. The third is 1971 Mustang Mach Foose - the project of transformation in grey coloring. And in result powerful with great performance car. The fourth is 1967 Dodge Charger with original body lines, long body shape taking part at Sema shows. The fifth 1948 Cadillac Eldorado as significant modification including new bumpers, headlights, with comfortable interior. The sixth - 1932 P-32 Street Fighter was specifically designed with exterior custom painting. All car details tells us the story of that era. The seventh - Hemisfear has influenced design and its shape later used for RC models. The eighth is 1974 Jaguar E-type as great masterpiece in machinery with sleek grey coloring, minimalistic design, 525 HP, comfortable interior.

If you are interested in classic, custom modified vehicle this video might be joyful for you with its compilation of eight rear cars. Have a lot of nice moments, watch, enjoy and share with your friends!