The Detroit History Society's Matchless Warehouse is the House of Some Fantastic Classics

Are you interested in archaeology, the study of human history and prehistory through excavations and special techniques? No? What about auto archaeology?

You may ask what auto archaeology is as this is not something we hear every day. Well, there isn't actually a specific filed called like that, but there's a popular YouTube channel with this name, and it presents lots of enjoyable videos (many of them is about barn finds, abandoned and old cars) for enthusiasts of classics! We thought you may enjoy seeing a video from this cool channel and present you the video you can find right on this page. Checking it out, you're going to see a unique warehouse. The Detroit Historical Society keeps most of its vehicles that are not on display in this matchless warehouse, which is built specially to store ammunition, meaning that the temperature is constant. The huge bubbles, in which the vehicle are kept protects the vehicle from dust, rust, dirt and other detrimental factors.

Watch the video to see which vehicles are kept in this fantastic warehouse and let us know what you think about them!