Inspiring Story of Juan Carillo's 1936 Chevrolet Standard

Pink has never looked so good on a car! This was our very first reaction we give after watching today's video and we think yours will be similar.

Today's video which is shared by Lowridermagazine, the only publication that portraits a car culture and passion for classic and traditional automobiles, presents us the "Bomb" We don't know what comes to your mind when you hear or read the word bomb but, this is apparently way different from what you may think and imagine. In today's video, we're hearing the inspiring and heartwarming story of Juan Carillo who prefers to live in his own neighborhood instead of living in somewhere else. He knows his roots, but more importantly we're checking out his precious pink diamond: a 1936 Chevrolet Standard. This '36 Chevy is the beauty that is made physical. Juan tells us about his life story and gives details about his Bomb. It is great to see this car while also learning from a humble guy like Juan. This video is purely to inspire you and to feed your eyes with the appeal of the Bomb.

Don't hesitate to hit the play button without losing time and leave yourself to the charming world of this perfectly pink Chevy.