Young Love: 1951 Mercury Lead Sled Modified to Perfection by Some Gifted Hands

We know that there are more than two hundred days until Christmas, but here's something you can wish from Santa as your next Christmas present!

Today's video which we proudly present you to check out shows us one exquisite machine: a 1951 Mercury Lead Sled. In automotive industry, the term lead sled refers to a standard production automobile with a body heavily modified in particular ways. Nicknamed as "Young Love", this 51' Mercury is modified to perfection by some masterful hands. The lid has been chopped approx. 3.5 inches. Nosed hood corners, frenched headlights, 1953 Desoto grille and front bumper, dummy spotlights, smoothed rear bumper, 1950 Merc rear window, 1954 Merc taillights, shaved door handles and factory side trim are among the highlights of this finely built Mercury. It's built on a 1974 Pontiac frame equipped with a Pontiac 350 engine and automatic transmission. The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful.

Check it out because one should check it out such beauty!