1957 Chevrolet 3100 Panel Truck Painted by the World Famous Tattoo Artist

"Oh my sweet Jesus!" This will be your exact reaction after checking out today's video!

What you're going to see in this wonderful video is an ultra rare 1957 Chevrolet 3100 Panel Truck that weighs half a ton. Apart from the sound and strong structure, what makes this panel truck more special than any of its counterparts is the paintjob! Catching the eyes at the very first glance, this exquisite paintjob is done by the world's one of the most famous tattoo artists. After 22 hours of painting, it looks definitely unique. The paint is completely custom and features airbrushed art under 7 coats of clear. This is what we call professionalism! This awesome machine spent most of its life in Las Vegas before coming to its current home, Colorado. Over the past couple years the truck went through an extensive and pretty costly restoration process, which ended up really good. A zz4 Chevy Crate 350 cu in motor was installed, along with power brakes and power rack and pinon steering. The truck goes at 80 mph. When it comes to the inside, the bed floor was replaced with new wood-metal. Seats of the highest quality were installed. The front seats were also renewed and now are new and comfortable. The interior is equipped with the fruits of the latest technology.

Watch the video to see all of these in detail and comment what you think about it!