Bare Metal/ Bare Bones 1935 Chevy Pickup Trucks

Metal or plastic? What is your choice for cars? Do you want your car to be completely from metal?

It would be cool for sure! In the video you can find right on this page today, we're checking out a gorgeous example for metal cars. We mean bare metal. This is technically a 1935 Chevy pickup truck that looks exquisite from the end to the front. This '35 Chevy pickup is the perfect combination of black and silver. The shiny black parts make an eye catching combination with bare metal parts and this combination pleases the eyes. The outer surface of the pickup is deliberately damaged so that it looks like a veteran who got out of the war like a wounded hero. This is how a rat rod should look. Without losing time, hit the play button and see this '35 Chevy pickup which is one of the best looking trucks we have seen so far. The truck is for sale on eBay, waiting for its new lucky owner.

Check out the video and let us know how much would you pay for this bare metal monster!