Exquisite GMC Cab Over Truck Caught on Camera at Big Bear Fun Run!

"Big Bear Fun Run" What king of impression does these words make on you? What do you imagine when you read these words?

Do you visualize a gigantic bear running for fun? Well, the name implies such a thing, but it's actually something totally different. Big Bear Fun Run is an annual event where men, women and children are all gather together to run in a race. It takes places in Meadow Park Big Bear Lake, California. What a fun it is! Today, we present you a video filmed during this fantastic event. The video itself is not about the run, but about Cab Over truck that you all will watch with admiration. It's a GMC Cob Over Truck with a bright red body and clear white top. The bicolor paintjob makes it look even better. The truck not only looks cool, but also sounds sweetly. It's a sound that will give you an unforgettable audio pleasure. It's an exquisite build in every aspect.

Watch the video to take a closer look at this mechanical beauty and appreciate the skill and workmanship that gone into it.