The Most Famous Car in LA: Barry Weiss' «Cowboy Cadillac» 1974 Cadillac Worth of a Fortune

Barry Weiss, an American actor, music producers, businessman and a dedicated collector. He is a business master who has accumulated a considerable amount of wealth from different fields.

He is most famous with his appearance on the popular TV show «Storage Wars », but he is also a well-known figure in the amazing world of customs. He is a devoted collector of valuable objects , antiques, unique automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and of course, some gorgeous customs. A 1974 Cadillac, otherwise known as « Cowboy Cadillac » is the most famous one out of his collection that is worth of a fortune. It is designed, built and crafted by the legendary custom maker Frank DeRosa. He is a master and it is his masterpiece !

A GM 502ci Big Block is what powers this 1974 Cadillac, producing up to 400 horsepower. The car has a very unique design like its owner's personality. It's a head turner, for sure, catching the attention at the very first glance. Filmed at the SEMA Show, today's video demonstrates us the « Cowboy Cadillac » in full detail.

If you're interested in seeing the car awarded with the title of «the most famous car in L.A » then check out the video and see if it really deserves this title !